Friday, 25 July 2014

memories from reception class 2013-2014

Amy - playing with my new friends

Cameron - playing with Sam

Jessica - playing my friends

Lily - going to the farm

Miller - lots of working

Esme - baking every week

Sammy - playing on the bars

Mickey - playing outside on the grass and field

Tadhg - learning to read

Annie Rose - everything

Oskar - playing with Jack

Jameel - playing with Callum

Chloe - the school discos

Sam - playing with Callum

Amelie-Rose - playing with dolls

Abbie - playing in the playground

Momina - reading books

Myrtle - playing on the hill

Lily - I'm doing the reading challenge

Jack - the donkey ride at the farm

Roman - playing with Oskar

Goodbye and Goodluck - we will miss you all Reception!!! Have a super summer holiday :)

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